It's not just another advertisement design,
when it's your advertising design.

The most important aspect of my service is integrity.  I love what I do, and I feel a sense of responsibility to make sure that my ads work.  I believe that advertisements should not cost money; they should make money.  A lot of artists can make something look good, but not very many understand what motivates buyers, and creates sales.  I have been working in advertising for more than thirty years.  I have also worked in wholesale, retail and industrial jobs, giving me what, I think, is a unique perspective as a designer.  Having been a sign maker, I understand the process and limitations of sign creation.  Having printed and sold t-shirts, I understand screen printing, and how it is done. 
--My designs are not just attractive and professional looking. They are carefully crafted to have the maximum impact at whatever they were designed to do. In addition to illustration, graphic design and photographic services, I have extensive experience in web site design, creating advertising concepts, working with commercial printing services, business image evaluation and writing advertising scripts for radio.
--If your business is important to you (and I know it is) then you want not only a sharp looking image, you want one that fits the type of business you are in and the kind of customer that will profit you the most. 


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