Moving up in the world. 1989

Committed to Quality, Service and Integrity
for More Than 30 Years.

The way I see it, every image I do not only represents the client and their business, it also represents me, and the type of work I will be known for. A business’ image is influenced by many things, but nothing influences prospective customers more than your logo, signs and printed materials. What your advertising looks like, and what it will do for your sales, will matter to me personally. This is a commitment that I made 30 years ago, and it still means as much to me today as it did then.
--I have been designing logos, t-shirts, advertisements, illustrations and signage since 1975. Everything I create is executed in the medium which best conveys its intended message. While the majority of my work is digital, I still employ the same techniques that I have used since long before computers, and there is little discernible difference in the visual outcome.
--My portfolio is unusually diverse, employing a wide variety of styles, each piece created to fulfill a unique purpose. Whether cartoon, abstract, hyper-realistic, fantastic or photographic, the one common thread is my attention to the tiniest details that add value, understanding and interest, all of which motivate potential buyers.
--My primary goal is to aid my clients in communicating with potential customers through their business image, promotional materials and signs. Everything, from company logos to simple directional signage, is intended to be attractive, easy to read and appropriate to the professional image of the client. Put simply, my goal is to provide the highest quality art and design, professional service, and creative ideas to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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