About the Process

The process is the same for every piece of art I do. There will need to be an initial discussion of the way the art will be used and what your thoughts are on style and color. This is a free consult to help us communicate our expectations. Then, before any work can begin, there will be a small non refundable deposit that will, after completion, be deducted from the total charges. Next, if I do not already know, I will research the product or read the manuscript to get an idea of what is needed.
--The deposit will in no way cover the amount of work that will go into the original concept, but it does give the client, after seeing the first sketch, the affordable option to stop the process if he feels I will not be able to meet his expectations. At the next meeting, you will review the concept ideas and give me any input that may better refine the design and to establish a working budget. After the agreement to continue working past the first concept meeting, all work will be charged by the hour (including the concept work) and is due in full upon completion.
--Until payment is made in full, no artwork will leave the studio. If you are not the final authority in making decisions, a meeting will be made by appointment at your location for me to present the art directly to the buyer. If it is not physically possible to meet due to physical distance or time constraints, you can provide a credit card to cover the work up to the point at which it leaves the studio, whether in hard copy or electronically transmitted. Your card will not be charged until the work leaves the studio.

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